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Demand Planning

Order the right products at the right time with high accuracy demand forecasts and lot sizing.

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Inventory Optimization

Simulate new inventory policies to reduce excess stock, prevent stock-outs, and minimize costs.

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Supply Chain Design

Identify ways to rethink your distribution plans while also reducing your carbon footprint.

AI-Powered Smart Assistant

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Machine Learning

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Conversational Analytics

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Easy to integrate and simple to use

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get started fast

Registration is free and immediate. Create a demand planning project by uploading your sales history with a CSV file. Our SaaS platform can analyze over 100,000 items in less then 10 minutes.

easy to implement

Using a blend of heuristics and optimization algorithms, our platform will automatically choose the best forecasting and lot sizing methods available for each item to minimize your total ordering costs.

reports you can share

You’ll get an automated purchase order that you can share with your supplier electronically. We will also provide a report containing insights about your savings.

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expert advice for you

Using state of the art machine learning, we have designed a smart assistant to help you generate the best optimization models based on your specific needs, without needing to be a technical expert.

intelligent supply chain

Our vision of the intelligent supply chain is one where our smart assistant can empower demand planners and business owners with proactive insights and analytics in real-time.

chat with your system

The ENKIDOO smart assistant can be integrated with chat platforms like Slack. It can answer complex open-ended questions and can simulate what-if scenarios based on your needs.

How it works


Pay for what you need

Starter Plan

Simple to set up and easy to use. Gain key insights which will help you make the right decisions to save your business money.

  • Demand Planning module
  • Smart Assistant

Monthly Subscription

Choose the right modules for your business to meet your needs. Pay for what you actually use and nothing more.

  • Inventory Optimization module
  • Supply Chain Design module
  • Smart Assistant

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