Your AI-powered Retail Store Manager assistant

Augment your decisions to operate your retail store with AI

ENKIDOO helps store managers run the business smoothly by making decisions they can trust

Simplify your day-to-day

Streamline your decisions making with an AI-powered smart assistants. ENKIDOO leverages AI to provide Store Managers with insight that makes day-to-day operations simpler.


Always know what products are on sale

From flash discounts to ongoing promotions ENKIDOO keeps you informed of what is on sale and what should be on sales depending on period.

Manage your inventory efficiently

While you remain in control, ENKIDOO makes predictions that help you maintain optimal inventory levels year round. Update your inventory level easily using a conversational interface.

Get insightful reports on the fly

Get detailed sales reports and key insights by franchise or region.

Are you looking for DOOSYNC?

We are the official data migration partner for Lightspeed POS. Bring all of your data over to Lightspeed Retail with DOOSYNC's simple and intuitive migrations tools, no matter which POS system you come from.


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