your inventory management with OPTIDOO.

Save precious time and money by making your POS system smarter. With its best-in-class sales forecasting ability, OPTIDOO does the heavy-lifting for you while you focus on the rest.


Say goodbye to inventory trouble.

No More Stock Outs

It’s the worst when you run out of something just as you get an order in. It’s easy to get caught off guard when you’re busy with your day-to-day. Always be one step ahead of your customer with OPTIDOO.

Streamline Operations

Say goodbye to the headaches of tediously tracking your stock everyday. Save that time for focusing on growing your business. Leave it all to OPTIDOO.

Keep the Right Stock

No more guessing games with your stock. Get smart forecasting that perfectly syncs with your POS. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll need, and when you’ll need it.

Easy Integration.

No need for advanced technical skills, simply add the OPTIDOO app to your existing POS and start optimizing. 


Sales predictions are calculated using multiple statistical methods and deep learning models that are combined to provide the best possible result.

Seamless Experience
OPTIDOO easily integrates with your existing POS. There’s no need to separately log your sales or to set up another system.

Seasonal Forecasting
Never let the holiday rush catch you unprepared! We are currently developing advanced forecasting abilities tailored to specific promotional periods such as Black Friday and the end-of-year holidays.

Reach out to become a BETA tester!

Leave it to OPTIDOO and focus on the rest.