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Unlock the path to happy customers with HAPPYDOO’s customer sentiment analytics solution, all through a simple Slack App.

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Never miss a chance to make your customers smile.

Quickly detect negative comments

Never miss a single detail when talking to your customers. Spot negative comments right away so you can address it with speed and accuracy.

Monitor the happiness of your customers

Always know where you stand with your customers. Find out how happy your customers are with your business, and make improvements as needed.

Find out key details about your brand sentiment

Get a quick overview of what topics matter most to your customers. Find places for improvement, or discover potential opportunities.

Get started in 4 easy steps.

HAPPYDOO gives you the right tools for you to go above and beyond for your customers. Get everything you need to make your customer happy.


Add to your Workspace

To get started, simply add HAPPYDOO to your workspace from the Slack App Directory.


Connect your Support Software

Then, connect and authorize the support software of your choice. We currently support ZenDesk and Zoho Desk!


Set up Watchlist

Choose when and how to receive your weekly Watchlist of customers that need extra care.


Type /Sentiment on Slack

Type /Sentiment on any DM and enter the email address that you want to analyze. Click on the link to open HAPPYDOO's Sentiment Page.


Happy Customers are the Hallmark of Any Successful Business.

Intensity Breakdown
Keep track of how happy your customer interactions are over time. Pinpoint where exchanges took a turn, so you know exactly how to respond.

Sentiment Breakdown
Get a clear metric of how your customers feel about your business. Use it to measure how great your customer’s experience is and track your progress with improving customer sentiment.

Customer Word Cloud
Save time going through every message to know what happened in your customer interactions. Find patterns and quickly identify what your customers care about the most.

Weekly Watchlist
Want to know which customers need extra care and attention this week? Watchlist gives you a weekly ranking of your most active customers. Focus your energy on these customers to improving overall happiness.

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