The smartest way to manage your inventory

See how it changes lives!

Designed for SMBs

Let our software help you grow pain-free without having to be a supply chain expert!

Easy forecasting & prediction

Easily perform forecasts on a SKU or family of SKUs. We auto-select the most accurate predictions to make the forecasting process easier.

Inventory Optimization

Maximize profits and minimize losses while taking into account volume and budget constraints as well as expiry dates. Explore the best scenarios to augment your decision making.

Smart Assistant 24/7

Access key information about your operations using Slack or SMS. Ask for reports or fullfil your orders without having to be in front of your computer.

How It Works

Easily create automation and optimization pipelines with our Drag & Drop system and start reaping the benefits immediately!



Our intuitive Drag & Drop interface lets you create and configure pipelines easily.


Forecasting your sales and computing the optimal product mix for your warehouses has never been so easy!


Eliminate the hassle of procurement by automating inventory replenishment. We integrate directly with leading POS, ERP, Accounting Software, and E-Commerce for SMBs for a frictionless experience.

Custom Integrations with our API

Design your own supply chain applications or integrations with code examples so you can start developing fast.

  • Real-time data synchronisation. We provide webhooks so that you can update your data warehouse with new products and transactions as they come.

  • Blazing fast API. Our system can ingest thousands of records in a single API call so that you can spend less time on data integration and focus on the insights.

  • Data security. We store your data warehouse in a private cloud (VPC) and use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure your data remains safe at all times.

    Explore our API Docs

Smart Assistant available 24/7

Increase your productivity and gain visibility in your daily operations with our smart assistant.

  • Get proactive insights, such as upcoming shortages, delivered to you directly via Slack or SMS
  • Create purchase orders interactively wherever you are
  • Ask for reports and analytics whenever you want

Are you looking for DOOSYNC?

We are the official data migration partner for Lightspeed POS. Bring all of your data over to Lightspeed Retail thanks to DOOSYNC's simple and intuitive migrations tools, no matter which POS system you come from.